Stop now buy of him. Him Scammer software


Thành Viên
This is a software scammer
When he scammed software and used another email to steal information
Then he will fake your information and say you are a scammer like him
But he could not provide any proof.
He just talks and fakes information
Beware of this scammer
scam warning
If you are planning to buy from this guy
Be careful you will lose money and you will not get the software
Attention email : Embgartex <>
Stop now buy of him. Him Scammer me 400$ Buy Wilcom Hacth E2
Currently this scammer is using a lot of accounts to sell software.
He also disguised information to accuse others of fraud.
beware of this scammer
Note: this scammer blocks all comments about him on Youtube.
proof of fraud
Here is proof he scammed $400